Termite Swarmers Season

Certain termite species can swarm, leave their colony in search of a new home.

The usual time for the termite swarmers season is just after spring as the weather warms up and usually after a rain event.

Parts of Queensland and New South Wales are suffering severe drought. The BOM drought monthly predictions have been indicating record after record recently. Coupled with the effects of climate change, unprecedented fire conditions have caused major losses from Western Australia all the way to the top of Queensland - it's not even summer yet!

"October rainfall below to very much below average for most of Australia"

BOM drought monthly predictions

Will the first rains in Queensland affect Termites?

Groups of termites in search of their own colony may be triggered soon. The maturity of a colony is another factor known to induce swarming activity.

As the colony matures it produces alate nymphs (winged Termites). Swarmers are in search of a mate in search of a new colony.

Once their wings have fallen off a pair will mate.

Winged Termite Alate Nymphs

Termite Inspection

A regular (yearly) termite inspection is recommended for dwellings in termite prone locations. Termite Inspectors use advanced tools like themal imaging-:

Pests, most especially termites, require moisture for survival.
Colonies of termites are usually damp, so when the thermal imaging camera scans a location that has higher moisture levels, it could be an indicator of termite activity, warranting further investigation.

Termite Inspector Gold Coast

Termite Damage to Stairs

Building and Pest Inspection

When purchasing a new home it is recommended to have a full Building and Pest Inspection. An inspection with 2 experts is recommended. Ideally a builder and a qualified pest control expert.

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