A thorough Building and Pest Inspection

When having a house inspected for a prepurchase building inspection asking the Real Estate agent for an inspector is probably not in your best interests.

Look for a current builder who can independently assess the building and structures properly.
These are not your quick walk through type inspections. Depending on the age of the house you are considering purchasing an inspector with experience in the issues with that type of dwelling is important.

Pest Inspections
Having your house inspected with a qualified pest inspector is important. Gold Coast Building Inspection expert Lloyd can make recommendations on a pest inspector.


With two inspectors working together they can discuss the issues that may arise.
Say there is an issue with termites (white ants) a current builder working along side a pest inspector are likely to be able to give an estimate of costs to rectify any damaage.

Often they will ask the potential buyer (you) if you would like to accompany them as they do an inspection.

Structural Damage Caused By Termites



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