Southport Real Estate

Southport Real Estate

Updated Aug 2021:

Southport on the Gold Coast is a good place to look for an investment property.
The light rail system services Southport and was extended to connect to Helensvale for the Commonwealth Games.

With the 2032 Olympic games, the light rail will extend to Burleigh and on to the Gold Coast Airport.

Southport Broadwater

The new Broadwater Parklands upgrade offers some nice areas of greenery bordering on the beautiful Broadwater.
Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital are quite close.

Davenport St has now become a Chinatown.

Traffic Issues on the Gold Coast

Southport can be totally clogged on the main arteries especially on weekends. The minor Southport streets are surprisingly easy to get around and even useful for bypassing traffic jams.

The Ferry Road Markets are popular with locals looking for high quality food items.

Stay in the area to be sure. If you are considering investing in a property it may pay to stay at least one night very close to the property you are considering. This way you can check the noise levels and neighbourhood to ensure your house/unit is liveable.

Over-development is a real issue on the Gold Coast. Southport runs the risk of being unliveable if congestion continues at current rates. The light rail system has been used by over zealous developers and their council to increase density. Look for a reputable knowledgeable Southport Real-Estate agent. During COVID the demand for homes in Southport has seen unprecedented demand.

The most extreme over-development includes beautiful Queenslander style properties with a 20 story concrete block on its border.

Look for a property that is future-proof. Do not rely on any planning laws or even (sadly) the proximity of a public park as any guarantee as still being public open space into the future.

Access to Tradesmen

Southport is an excellent location for the availability of trades people. There are numerous commercial precincts.

Having your car serviced or even purchase a vehicle in Southport is very convenient.

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