COVID 19 and Body Corporate Responsibilities

COVID 19 and Body Corporate Responsibilities

The COVID 19 situation in each state is managed by the different State Health authorities.

The Victorian government has very specific rules for Body Corporates during COVID 19.

All Victorian multi-dwelling properties with shared facilities and workers (including employees and contractors) on-site must have a COVID Safe Plan.

In Queensland there appears to be no specific directions on Body Corporates responsibilities in regards displaying Covid Safe information.

Here is a link to the current QLD information for restrictions on business

The only times apartment complexes have been referred to either directly or indirectly in these Directions are for:

  • Pools - previously were restricted and had to have check in, etc and follow an industry COVID Safe Plan (now not restricted for residents use)
  • Gyms/Saunas/spas – need to have COVID plans and follow Direction re check in app etc.
  • Short term/holiday let– need to have COVID plans and follow Direction re check in app etc

There have been some changes to rules applying to body corporate meetings due to COVID 19

Different rules apply if your premises is a residential premises, not a business.

This doesn't mean that a committee cannot decide to have COVID safe signs or even the check in app in the common areas – but that would be a decision for the committee; and is outside the imprimatur of the Body Corporate Manager.

The Strat Community Association have a useful pdf on the use of masks.

COVID 19 Body Corporates

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