The benefits of shade sails for your home

The benefits of shade sails for your home

UV radiation is a proven human carcinogen. Damage from UV exposure is cumulative and increases your skin cancer risk over time.

The best of intentions are not a substitute for taking adequate precautions. No-one wants to get sunburnt. It often happens when we are enjoying ourselves in and around water.

shade sail around your pool

Shade Sails Around Your Pool

Make your pool area safer and more attractive. The strength and breathable fabrics of shade sails are ideal around your pool.

Shade Sail as a Carport

Shade Sails an Inexpensive Transformation

Avoid the dissapointment of a poorly installed shade sail. Either by the quality of the materials or the construction and reinforcement during installation.

Shade Sails Outdoor Setting

Shade Sail Configurations

A sail can quite literally take on any shape. It can include any number of points/high/low i.e. there is no limit to the various shapes a sail can conform to. The sails are customed made to suit a specific area.

Shade Sail Configurations

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