Air conditioning cleaning

Air conditioning cleaning

COVID 19 cleaning? The house is looking spotless, the cupboards are arranged by colour, size or use, there are three bags of stuff to go to the op-shop when they reopen and the trailer is piled high with rubbish destined for the tip. Time to sit back and decide which hobby or craft to take up! But did you forget something?

Don't forget about cleaning the indoor air!

Dusty Air Conditioner

The one thing that always gets missed during a spring clean (or a self isolation clean) is the air conditioner. You have probably got up on a stool and cleaned your fans but people usually miss the air conditioner. Air conditioner cleaning is essential to a more efficient air conditioning system. And more efficient means cheaper to run. Not only does a dirty air conditioner work harder it can also be the cause of a number of health problems.

This is particularly true for people who already have allergies or breathing problems, like asthma, a dirty air filter in your air conditioner can cause a multitude of problems. The air filter traps dust and dirt and can become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, fungi and mould, and then this is then blown out all over you and your family. In minor cases, most symptoms associated with moulding damage include nasal congestion, throat irritation, eye irritation and wheezing. In severe cases, reduced lung functioning and asthma attacks can arise with additional severe reactions for those with mould allergies. For both health and comfort, it is critical that you deal with the mould in your air conditioning as soon as possible.

A clean air conditioner improves the indoor air quality, the performance of the unit, it reduces running costs and gives your air conditioner a longer lifespan. It is recommended to engage an air conditioning expert to carry out the job of cleaning the air conditioner. You have done everything else, let someone else take care of the air conditioner.

Inside of a dirty air conditioning unit. The clumps of dust show how you can lose efficiency.

Child With Asthma Inhaler

A dirty air conditioner can cause ongoing health issues, Especially for people who already have asthma or other lung related disease.

Odour Removal

Once you have cleaned your air conditioner you may consider some Odour Removal. Mould spores can be treated with an Ozone treatment, to really freshen up the whole house.

The house is not clean until it smells clean.

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