Adelaide Hills a unique region

Adelaide Hills a unique region

When you look at a map of Australia one of the most unique features is the Great Australian Bite leading into the 2 gulfs. Spencer Gulf and the Gulf of St Vincent are separated by Yorke Peninsula.

Map of South Australia

The English settlers of Adelaide our proud of their "free settler status". The Adelaide plain was selected as the major city centre after some disastrous attempts at going ashore at places like the Murray Mouth. The notion of this being the site for a port and capital city were quickly dismissed.

The Adelaide plain became the location of the city centre with Port Adelaide providing a safe port. The Gulf of St Vincent has Kangaroo Island at the bottom which blocks most of the swell and heavy seas.

Hallet Cove Beach

One can only imagine the beauty of the Adelaide flood plain in pre-settlement times.

The Adelaide Hills

South Australia's claim to being the driest state on the driest continent belies a unique area 20 minutes from the city of Adelaide. The Adelaide Hills region via the Mt Lofty watershed provides 60% of metropolitan Adelaide's water supply.

The Adelaide Hills is one of the largest geographical wine regions in Australia, and amongst the most diverse in terms of climate, soil and topography.

This unique region with hills, valleys and waterfalls provides the unique Adelaide Hills Wines. The micro-climate encourages a diverse range of fruit and grape varieties.

South Australia produces some of the most famous (and expensive) Shiraz wines in the world.

Adelaide Hills Wineries

Adelaide Hills Diverse Wine Region

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