Negotiating your purchase with the Inspection

Negotiating your purchase with the Inspection

Updated Nov 2022

One comment made by a builder about the building inspection course was-:

"it taught you more about avoiding litigation than adding value to a client"

it taught you more about avoiding litigation than adding value to a client

Termite damage can be a costly affair. It could cost tens of thousands of dollars for termite repairs.

If major structural issues are found they can be costly to fix.
Using a qualified builder as your building inspector can allow you to get an on the spot estimate of repairs.
Lloyd Woods is a qualified builder and often gives an on the spot estimation of costs to repair homes whilst conducting your building inspection.

So what happens if your property is inspected and termite infestations are missed?

By using pest inspectors who are active pest control experts you get peace of mind.
There is never a 100% guarantee, however if you used qualified registered pest control experts for your pest inspection you are better than a quick walk in walk out inpection.
And better still than a shoddy get your builder mate to have a quick look type inspection.

Property Negotiation around a table


The benefit of a quality building and pest inspection is that if no major issues are found, perhaps only a few minor problems, your building and pest inspection report becomes a useful negotiating tool in regards to the purchase price.

Inspections without the emotions

Excited Woman
Let's face it we are often not thinking rationally when purchasing a property.
Having an independent inspection without the associated emotion of a purchaser is a good thing.

Drilling vs Trenching Termite Barriers

How to protect against Termites

If you decide to purchase a home it is important to protect against termite damage.

A Termite Barrier is a physical Termite system or chemical application to prevent the concealed entry by Termites.

Physical termite systems are products that prevent the entry of termites. Most physical systems also have a chemical system (barrier) around the perimeter.

Choice of chemicals is important and it is recommended to have a professional inspect the system annually.

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