DIY Move or hire a removalist company?

DIY Move or hire a removalist company?

Do you need a professional to move?

Packing Boxes With Bubble Wrap

You may be able to get away with a hybrid move where you get professionals to handle the difficult heavy items and you can look after your own valuable or delicate items.
Professional movers will want to move the gear quickly - you on the other hand may want to ensure your move occurs with a minimum amount of damage.
So why not do some of it yourself - especially on a move within your suburb or a nearby suburb.

Well this depends on -:

  • You health
  • Time available
  • Budget

Boxes Labelling and bubble wrap

You can get boxes at 3 sizes for moving from Bunnings.
Bubble wrap is also available and it may pay to buy a one handed tape dispensor.
It is tempting to get larger boxes however these can be very heavy if loaded with books for example.

Renting a truck or van

One ton van for hireFind a reliable mob who specialise in van hire for movers.
Check the insurance availability is Full Comprehensive Insurance with Self Drive CTP Insurance included?

Security when moving

You had your house fitted out with an alarm system but what happens when you need to move and you have valuable items.

There is an emergence of movers who use containers securely stored - this may be useful for people with items they wish to keep safe.

For example you have purchased a house and plan on installing an alarm system but have not actually got it installed yet.

Using a secure storage facility with a lockable container may be useful.

The following infographic from Building Inspections Gold Coast indicates if you spent money on an alarm system there is up to 100% rate of return on investment.

Renovation Return on Investment infographic

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