Printing for the Real Estate Industry

Printing for the Real Estate Industry

Printing for the real estate industry has changed remarkably over the last 5 years. Gone are the days of thousands of flyers being dropped into letterboxes, as these just end in the bin.

Does Your Flyer End Up In The Bin

More recently, professional sales agents are doing more, focused drops into areas where they are concentrating. As the numbers of these prints is smaller, the quality of stock that is being used is higher. So thicker stocks, often laminated are now the order of the day. Many real estate agents are walking and doing the drops in their areas so that they can be seen in and around their focus areas.

Real Estate agent with brochures in street

It is always advisable to use both sides of the printed piece, as the back side of the work is cheap to add on to the work.

For all printed material, great pictures will make for great results, poor pictures = poor results. It is recommended to use a graphic designer who should be able to make the piece look professional. Home designs stand out like a sore thumb, and will not represent the quality of your brand that you are trying to portray to the market.

Beware of adding to much content, people like to look at pictures, reams of content will easily end in the bin.

It is a good idea to make some type of compelling offer on the flyer, as this will allow the agent to measure how many people have actually ready their carefully prepared and printed piece.

Keys Realty Flyer

Printing Something Unique

This flyer contains seeds - with instructions. A very unique way to attract attention.

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