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Pool Inspections Queensland

When purchasing a house it pays to get it inspected by qualified pre-purchase building and pest inspections experts.

But what about your pool?

What do you need to know if selling or buying a house with a pool in Queensland
All pools in Queensland must be registered with the QBCC.
Hence a property can not be brought, sold or leased without a Pool Safety Certificate as of the From Dec 2010.


You can sell your property with or without a pool safety certificate.  However, if you are not providing a certificate, you must give the buyer a Form 36-notice of no pool safety certificate prior to entering a contract of sale and a completed copy of the form to QBCC ( before settlement.

The buyer must get a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement.

Pool Safety Inspectors

"A pool safety inspector's role is to inspect pools to determine whether they comply with the standard. If the pool is compliant, the inspector will issue a pool safety certificate. If the pool doesn't meet the standard, a nonconformity notice will be issued after the inspection."

Pool Inspections Gold Coast Video